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Star Trek Comics Weekly #110 and #111

It’s been a hectic two weeks as I’ve worked to complete a book manuscript, which delayed my posting links to the past two installments of my Star Trek Comics Weekly column. So this week, I’m combining them into a single update. Last week, HeroCollector posted my article about issues #35-40 of IDW’s ongoing series set in the Kelvin universe, featuring not only Q but the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Writer Mike Johnson and illustrator Tony Shasteen turned in a fantastic six-parter, and you can read my discussion here.

This week’s column, meanwhile, explores IDW’s Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive, the crossover fans never realized they needed. Scripted by prolific authors Scott and David Tipton, this miniseries was illustrated by Rachael Stott, and it’s clear the writers and artist are great fans of both franchises, given how well they captured every character’s mannerisms, appearance, and speech patterns. It works a lot better than such a crossover has any right to, and my article about the story can be read here.

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