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Outside In Walks With Fire: 55 New Perspectives on 55 Twin Peaks Stories By 55 Writers

ATB Publishing has been putting out an amazing set of books titled Outside In, which cover every episode or film in a given franchise. As you can see in my publications gallery, I’ve worked on nine volumes so far, with more coming. The latest one, Outside In Walks With Fire, is about Twin Peaks, and for this one I wrote about the film Mulholland Drive and its mysterious connections to David Lynch’s most famous television work. Here’s ATB’s release:

Put ten Twin Peaks fans in a room and you’ll wind up with eleven opinions, fourteen heated debates about the location of the Black Lodge and somebody cosplaying Dougie as a disintegrating tulpa. That’s because Twin Peaks fans are gloriously weird, uniquely different and sometimes entirely outlandish. And so is this book.

Celebrating over 30 years of Twin PeaksOUTSIDE IN WALKS WITH FIRE is a collection of 55 reviews, one for every story. Well, we say “reviews”, but we mean that loosely: Within these pages, you’ll find recipes, scripts, interviews, plays, restaurant reviews, dance competitions, mindscapes and a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. Not to mention insightful and thoughtful articles, examining Twin Peaks — both the classic show and its return, 25 years later — from just about every aspect imaginable… and then some!

Provocative, engrossing, hilarious and utterly gonzo. This is OUTSIDE IN. As with all previous OUTSIDE IN volumes, 5% of the full retail price of all sales of this book will be donated to Avert, a UK-based HIV/AIDS charity.

Outside In Walks With Fire
Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see.
One chants out between two worlds: “Fire, walk with me!”

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