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Joker Anthology Coming Soon from Crazy 8 Press

New Book Alert!

Frequent collaborator Lou Tambone and I, along with an impressive roster of wordsmiths, will soon strap DC Comics’ Joker to the analyst’s couch for a new essay anthology from Crazy 8 Press titled The Man Who Laughs: Exploring the Clown Prince of Crime.

In this anthology, you’ll be treated to a series of wonderfully diverse essays by the following contributors: Jim Beard, Joseph F. Berenato, Paul Cornish, Brian Cronin, Keith DeCandido, Jo Duffy, LaMar Forte, Michael Jan Friedman, Alex Galer, Bob Greenberger, Glenn Hauman, Paul Kupperberg, Tom K. Mason, Duy Tano, and John Trumbull. Lou and I hope to have the book out in early 2023, and Dave Pipgras’s gorgeous cover art posted here is temporary and subject to change. More news soon!

Editors: Lou Tambone and Rich Handley

Publisher: Crazy 8 Press

Layout/Design: David Pipgras/MARS Publishing

The Joker, Batman, and all related characters and concepts are the property of DC Comics, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Discovery. No copyright infringement is intended, and neither the publisher nor the editors or writers assume any ownership over the franchise.

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