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There Are Those Who Believe… That It’s a Good Idea to Watch a TV Show Before Trashing It

This article from Bleeding Cool is just plain silly. It’s clear the writer has never watched even a single minute of Battlestar Galactica, despite her trashing of it, since no statement she makes about the show’s premise is remotely accurate. There is simply no way anyone who had watched BSG would describe it the way she does. And the comments section is brutal–people are ripping the writer apart for this, so it’s obvious everyone realizes it. I mean, seriously…

Battlestar Galactica doesn’t start until way in the future, once humanity has established itself as a presence in space. Of course, their intergalactic presence got the attention of the big bad robot race called Cylons, who want to wipe out all of humanity. Cue a massive war and humanity fleeing the planet and living in a fleet of space ships, trying to save themselves and kill all the alien robots who frankly have vexingly advanced technology. Oh, and the fleet is all military and the viper pilots are unparalleled bad-assess.”

There is nothing at all about that statement that is accurate. I can’t imagine being paid to discuss a TV show but not even bothering to watch it first.

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