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What Creative Things Have You Done Lately?

For years, I’ve been periodically letting my Facebook friends use my page to promote their creative efforts (books, stories, comics, articles, songs, cosplays, artwork, films, standup comedy routines, plays… basically, anything creative) in designated threads. However, the problem with social media is that it’s transitory; within a week or less of a thread being posted, no one sees it anymore and thus no one hears about my friends’ impressive creative efforts unless they happen to check Facebook during that small window, and unless Facebook’s bizarrely faulty algorithms let them see my post.

Therefore, this time I am instead opening up the comments section below. Let me and my readers know what you’ve got cooking these days. Do you have a new book out, or is its release imminent? Have you recorded a new song or directed a new film, or has a website published your latest article? Have you launched a creative initiative of some sort? Have you sold an art project of which you’re particularly proud? Do you sell craft-related items? Whatever it might be, if it’s creative, it’s welcome here. Feel free to include images, URLs, descriptions, contact info, etc., so that people know what you’re doing and how to find it. Let me help you network and get the word out there. And since this isn’t social media, this thread will remain here for others to see.

12 thoughts on “What Creative Things Have You Done Lately?

  1. Just started a podcast! It’s about literature and movies:

    Sleyhouse Presents Lit Bits wherever you get your podcasts!

  2. Hi Rich,

    After publishing a number of short stories, I co-founded a publishing house and published a novel. Sley House Publishing is now open for submissions for our first anthology. We also have a podcast available on most streaming platforms.

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