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Star Trek Comics Weekly #107

When WildStorm Comics published Star Trek: All of Me more than 20 years ago, writers Tony Isabella and Bob Ingersoll included a cameo from Captain Jane T. Kirk, who was said to be James T. Kirk’s female counterpart from another universe. That claim turned out to be false, as she’d been created by an unscrupulous scientist and an Islamic djinn. Thus was the end of Ms. Kirk’s all-too-brief tenure in the Star Trek universe. 

Until 2014, that is, when writer Mike Johnson introduced another Jane T. Kirk—T. for Tiberia, naturally—in his ongoing comic set in the Kelvin timeline of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek films. Unlike WildStorm’s Jane, this one really was from an alternate reality. In this week’s column for, I examine that two-part storyline along with two others, presented in issues #29–34. Illustrated by Yasmin Liang, Erfan Fajar, Yulian Ardhi, Joe Corroney, Victor Moya, and Rob Doan, these six issues featured covers from Corroney, Fajar, Cat Staggs, Garry Gastonny, and Craig Rousseau. Read the fully article!

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