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Star Trek Comics Weekly… the Book!

Morning, everyone!

In addition to archiving my old Eaglemoss “Star Trek Comics Weekly” column, I’ve begun writing new entries as well, and I should have the next new one posted in a day or two. Herein, I expect to keep posting new articles regularly, alongside the archived older ones. So this is as good a time as any to explain what the bigger picture had been with this column from the beginning, because it comes with some cool news.

Back in 2019, when I’d first begun writing the column, the endgame had been something other than the articles. At the time, I’d been hired to edit the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, and so I’d pitched to Eaglemoss a reference book exploring the entire history of Trek comics, which could then be published once the STGNC had been completed. The book would cover every comic published up to that point, from the standpoint not of mere issue breakdowns or reviews, but rather of how comics provide prequels, sequels, and tie-ins to the episodes and films.

So it's this... but in a book.
So it’s this… but in a book.

Eaglemoss liked the idea and offered a compensation plan that proved fortuitous for me. Rather than my writing the book and submitting it when done, and then my being paid, I would instead write a weekly column for the company’s HeroCollector website, simultaneous with my research. That way, I could be compensated weekly while writing the book. The columns were representative of my research each week, with the book shaping up nicely in concert with those articles. The book wasn’t going to reprint the articles, but it would present the same information in a different format (though now that I think about it, a second volume containing all the columns might be a good idea, too).

I got about 90 percent of the book done when Eaglemoss canceled the Graphic Novel Collection in 2020. That sucked, but at least my column was still being published at HeroCollector, so I had a small amount of hope that maybe the book would still see the light of day. But the bottom fell out in early 2022, when Eaglemoss went out of business. By that point, I’d already written 131 of a planned 150 columns. I was crushed, as you can imagine, because I’d spent the pandemic writing a book that would not be published. That led to my putting the column on hold for the better part of a year, as the letdown was too fresh.

However, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve signed a contract with another publisher, and that the book—titled The Other Voyages: Star Trek Comics as Sequels, Prequels, and Tie-Ins—is slated for release late next year. The Other Voyages will discuss every comic book or strip from 1967 to 2024, and the columns will now go beyond 150 since another year’s worth of comics has been released or announced in the interim. And that’s fine, of course, though my OCD brain had found it satisfying to say the book was based on 150 columns’ worth of research. 🙂

Putting these all away after taking the photo was annoying.
Putting these all away after taking the photo was annoying.

This is why I’d described the Eaglemoss compensation situation as fortuitous, because it means I’m being paid for the book twice! Stay tuned for more details, and for the next column in the series (which I’m writing at this moment), covering IDW’s Terra Incognita miniseries. It’s good to be writing this book and the columns again. It’s a lot of work, but I’d missed the process. The publisher will be BearManor Media, which is publishing a book later this year that I wrote about DC Comics’ Swamp Thing and Hellblazer sagas, Born on the Bayou: A Pre-Flashpoint Chronology of Swamp Thing and Hellblazer.

For those keeping track at home (in other words, me and maybe one or two other people), The Other Voyages is the 56th book (either released or currently in various stages of production) to feature my writing, and the 21st book with my name on the front cover–unless you count the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection… which I should, since I wrote essays for 100 books in that series, bringing the first total to 156 books. So this is something I’m proud of.

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