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Star Trek Comics Weekly #99

When IDW launched its first ongoing Star Trek title in 2011, that wasn’t the first time a continuous Trek comic had been produced. The company was following in the footsteps of Gold Key, Marvel, DC, and Malibu in that regard, all of which had published ongoing series, and there were also the U.S. and U.K. comic strips. However, the IDW line was the first long-running title explicitly set in another universe—namely, the Kelvin timeline created for director J.J. Abrams’ film trilogy.

Recently, this column examined the first six issues of the series, and this week we’ll move on to the next batch. Star Trek issues #7–13 not only provided tie-ins to The Original Series and the Abrams films, but also reimagined a few classic episodes along the way. All seven issues were scripted by Mike Johnson, with interior art by Joe Phillips (#7–8), Stephen Molnar (#9–10, #13), and Claudia Balboni (#11–12), and with covers contributed by Tim Bradstreet, Joe and Rob Sharp, and Grant Goleash. Read the full article!

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