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Star Trek Comics Weekly #83

Parallel universes and altered timelines go hand in hand with Star Trek, not only on TV but in licensed literature as well. Two weeks ago, this column discussed how IDW’s Star Trek: Mirror Images provided a sequel to one of the franchise’s best parallel-reality episodes. Now let’s take another trip through the dimensional barrier to explore the publisher’s Star Trek: The Next Generation miniseries The Last Generation. This five-parter, paired with Pocket’s Myriad Universes prose anthologies, provides tie-ins aplenty to multiple episodes and films—but in another reality.

Written by Andrew Steven Harries, The Last Generation was illustrated by Gordon Purcell, Bob Almond, and Terry Pallot, with covers by Purcell, Pablo Raimondi, Brian Reber, J.K. Woodward, Robert Atkins, Joe Corroney, and Nick Runge. The intriguing premise: what if James T. Kirk had failed to prevent Colonel West from assassinating the Federation President at Khitomer in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country? Read the full article!

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