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Star Trek Comics Weekly #84

When the 2009 Star Trek film hit theaters, IDW had already been helming the franchise’s comic arm for two years, so it was only natural that it would also offer stories utilizing the so-called “Kelvin timeline.” IDW’s Kelvin-centric titles were a wonderful breath of fresh air, and the first such release was Star Trek: Countdown.

Predating the film’s release, Countdown was designed to whet fans’ whistles by showing the catastrophic events leading to the movie’s storyline. Writers Mike Johnson and Tim Jones penned the miniseries, based on a story by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, with David Messina providing artwork. The purpose was to reveal renegade Romulan Nero’s untold backstory and offer subtext to his onscreen actions, and it contained tie-ins to multiple films and episodes. Read the full article!

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