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Star Trek Comics Weekly #85

John Byrne’s Romulans saga thrilled IDW’s readers, not only for its portrayal of the Romulan Empire’s politics and culture, but for its spotlight on a more seasoned Number One (dubbed Una in Short Treks‘ “Q&A”) a decade after “The Cage.” The writer brought back Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln in Assignment: Earth, offering fans a glimpse at what that aborted spinoff might have been like, and Byrne’s next contribution to the franchise, Star Trek: Crew, connected these prior storylines as a linked narrative.

With Crew, Byrne tied one of Seven’s missions from Assignment: Earth to Una’s earliest days in Starfleet. This week’s column considers how Crew not only served as a prequel to “The Cage” but gave the future first officer more of a chance to shine than the pilot afforded her. The five-issue miniseries was written and illustrated by Byrne, who provided his own cover art for each chapter. Read the full article!

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