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Star Trek Comics Weekly #82

John Byrne’s Alien Spotlight: Romulans one-shot for IDW offered a prequel to the classic Star Trek tale “Balance of Terror” by filling in the family life of Mark Lenard’s unnamed Romulan commander. Byrne introduced a buffoonish Praetor who ruled the Romulan Star Empire based on his erratic whims rather than on what was good for Romulus, while revealing the origin of the stealth ship seen on television. And it was glorious.

That story, which Byrne scripted and illustrated, struck a chord with readers, and he was invited back to continue his examination of the Romulans. IDW published two follow-ups set after the episode’s events: the two-issue Romulans: The Hollow Crown and the three-part Romulans: Schism. These stories tied in not only to “Balance of Terror” but also to “Errand of Mercy” and “The Trouble with Tribbles.” In this week’s column, I look back at how these tales provided prequels, sequels, and tie-ins to onscreen Star Trek. Read the full article!

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