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Star Trek Comics Weekly #70

In 1999, Deep Space Nine aired its series finale, “What You Leave Behind.” That two-hour tale, one of Star Trek‘s finest episodes, wrapped up a multi-season arc involving the Dominion War; the near-destruction of the Federation, Cardassians, Romulans, and Klingons; and the rise and fall of Gul Dukat and Kai Winn Adami, two of the show’s primary antagonists. It also saw the culmination of the lifelong journeys of Benjamin Sisko, the station’s human-Prophet commander, and Odo, its Changeling security chief.

This week’s column revisits WildStorm’s two miniseries based on Deep Space Nine. N-Vector was written by K.W. Jeter and illustrated by Toby Cypress, Jason Martin, and Mark Irwin, while Star Trek: Divided We Fall—The ST:TNG and ST:DS9 Crossover was scripted by Pocket editor John J. Ordover and novelist David Mack, with art by Andrew Currie, Michael Collins, Richard Bennett, David Roach, and John Nyberg. Read the full article here.

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