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Star Trek Comics Weekly #77

With Klingons: Blood Will Tell and Star Trek: Alien Spotlight under their belts, Scott and David Tipton established themselves as two of IDW’s most valuable players when it came to the Star Trek license, so it’s no surprise editor Andrew Steven Harris brought them back for the company’s second Star Trek: The Next Generation miniseries, Intelligence Gathering.

This week’s column considers how Intelligence Gathering offered sequels and tie-ins to televised Star Trek. Illustrated by David Messina and Gianluigi Gregorini, with covers by Messina and Joe Corroney, the five-issue tale involves a devious and convoluted plot by Romulan Commander Tomalak to abduct Data. At the core of Intelligence Gathering is a mystery: why do the Romulans wish to abduct Data, and to what end have they hatched several seemingly unrelated schemes? Read the full article here!

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