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Star Trek Comics Weekly #109

This week, my Star Trek column for HeroCollector returns to Peter David’s run on DC’s monthly comic. David left the comic due to his dissatisfaction with corporate edicts that had interfered with his ability to tell stories. The writer’s abrupt resignation with issue #15 took readers by surprise, and though successor Howard Weinstein proved adept at continuing the saga, fans wondered what might have been had David stayed with the series. As it happens, the next storyline was fully scripted… and I’ve read it!

Slated for issues #16 and 17, the humorous two-parter was fully written, and penciler Gordon Purcell had begun illustrating the first chapter, but the story was derailed by Paramount consultant Richard Arnold, culminating in David tendering his resignation. Arnold’s justification for rejecting these clever scripts? They were “too funny”—which is a strange reason to refuse a story written by an author famed for his use of humor. Peter David had the last laugh, however, as he recycled the two-parter that same year for First Comics’ Dreadstar #63–64. Read the full story!

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