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Star Trek Adventures: Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide

I am proud to announce my small involvement in a new book from Modiphius for its licensed Star Trek Adventures line. The book is titled Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide, and its lead writers are Derek Tyler Attico, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Jim Johnson, Scott Pearson and Dayton Ward. This 320-page volume is beautifully laid out and gorgeously illustrated, and my own minor role was that I wrote a sidebar about James T. Kirk’s obscure missions depicted during the Gold Key Comics days and in the British newspaper strips. It’s one big Easter egg, and I hope readers will get as much a kick out of reading it as I did out of writing it. My thanks to editor Jim Johnson for bringing me into the project. To quote Jim Kirk, “It was… fun!” You can read Dayton’s discussion of the project at his blog.

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