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Star Trek Comics Weekly #101

The continuing journey to examine how comics offer prequels, sequels, and tie-ins to onscreen Star Trek has reached issues #14-20 of IDW’s ongoing monthly title based on director J.J. Abrams’ film series. Primarily written by Mike Johnson, with Ryan Parrott scripting two chapters, this span of stories was illustrated by Stephen Molnar and other artists, with Tim Bradstreet providing the striking covers.

These were the final issues set before the events of Star Trek Into Darkness, with issue #21 beginning a new post-film arc. Johnson took this opportunity to explore the earlier lives of the seven main cast members of this alternate reality, before, during, and after their experiences at Starfleet Academy. First, though, he delved into the backgrounds of the trilogy’s lovable new addition to the cast, the diminutive engineer known as Keenser, in issue #14. Read the full article!

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