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Star Trek Comics Weekly #103

In 2013, Paramount released the second Star Trek film set in J.J. Abrams’ Kelvin timeline. Star Trek Into Darkness reimagined Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and recast genetic superman Khan Noonien Singh, previously portrayed by Ricardo Montalbán, with Benedict Cumberbatch now in the role. The casting proved divisive since a Mexican actor had been replaced by a white Englishman, but since Khan was supposed to be a Sikh Indian anyway, perhaps the issue was not so clear-cut. 

Either way, IDW tailored its narrative to take into account Into Darkness’s plot developments, much like DC Comics had done back in the 1980s. Readers were thus treated to the four-chapter miniseries Countdown to Darkness, as well as After Darkness, a three-part arc in issues #21–23 of IDW’s Kelvin-centric ongoing comic. Serving as movie bookends, these tales were written by Mike Johnson in conjunction with screenwriter Roberto Orci, and both were illustrated by David Messina and Marina Castelvetro, with Messina, Stephen Molnar, and Erfan Fajar providing covers. Read the full article!

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