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Star Trek Comics Weekly #131

Last week, my column for Eaglemoss and HeroCollector revisited IDW’s Star Trek: Waypoint and Star Trek: Deviations, each of which offered stories that were quite unlike what fans of the franchise had been accustomed to reading in Star Trek comics. Deviations explored an alternate universe in which the events of the mythos unfolded differently, while Waypoint included a sequel to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. So, this week, let’s travel back in time to examine another unusual comic that has not yet been discussed in this space. Not only does it represent an alternative universe, like Deviations, but it also connects directly to the first theatrical film, like Waypoint. Published only in China, this unlicensed comic adapted Star Trek: The Motion Picture… and it seems pretty certain the artist hadn’t watched the movie before drawing it, making the reading experience rather surreal. Read the full article!

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