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Exploring a Strange New Writing Gig

I’m finally able to announce a fun new assignment I’ve taken on: Thanks to editor John Freeman, I’ve joined the writing team of Titan Books’ STAR TREK EXPLORER magazine. As of issue #6, I’ll be handling the magazine’s comics coverage, with an ongoing column exploring upcoming IDW titles, as well as revisiting stories historically published by other companies. It’s likely a surprise to exactly zero people that when it comes to this franchise, the comics are my passion.

I’m currently working on my third article for EXPLORER, and this is turning out to be a fun gig. Years ago, I’d been a reporter for STAR TREK COMMUNICATOR under editor Larry Nemecek and publisher Dan Madsen, and that was a dream gig. I’ve missed doing magazine work, as the bulk of my writing in the past 15 years or so has transitioned to books and online publications, due to changes in the industry. So my thanks to Titan and John for bringing me back into the magazine world.

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