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Star Trek Comics Weekly #126

Historically, IDW’s mirror-universe tales have not been interconnected. What transpired in New Frontier, Mirror Images, and New Visions had no impact on the ongoing monthly comic, nor did those titles refer to each other. That approach changed, however, with the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation—Mirror Broken, a seven-issue miniseries from writers David and Scott Tipton; interior artists J.K. Woodward and Josh Hood; cover artists Woodward, Hood, George Caltsoudas, Joe Corroney, Adam Rosenlund, Tony Shasteen, Jen Bartel, and Rachel Stott; and editors Sarah Gaydos, Chris Cerasi, and Chase Marotz. Unlike prior standalone mirror tales, Mirror Broken has been expanded upon in multiple sequels which will be discussed in future columns. (Read the full article!)

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