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Star Trek Comics Weekly #121

IDW’s Star Trek: Boldly Go continued the publisher’s ongoing title set in the Kelvin timeline, which had reached its final issue two months prior. Whereas that series began in the 2009 movie’s aftermath, then continued until well after the events of Star Trek Into DarknessBoldly Go took place following Star Trek Beyond, the third entry in J.J. Abrams’ trilogy.

This week’s column examines the first six issues, which marked the Borg’s debut in the alternate universe. Scripted by Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott, these issues featured interior art by Tony Shasteen and Chris Mooneyham, with covers from Shasteen, George Caltsoudas, Marc Laming, and James Kenneth Woodward. The comic was beautifully drawn, both inside and out, and it featured some of Johnson’s strongest writing. Read the full article!

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